Eastbury – Count on Nature Week

5th June 2021 @ 10:00 – 12:30
Saint James, Eastbury
Deborah Phillips

To springboard our awareness of the importance of biodiversity, and to inform our local Church’s baseline assessment, we are participating in “church count on nature week” along with St. Michael’s and hundreds of other churches across the UK from 5th to 13th June 2021. Hence, we cordially invite all adults with or without your children or grandchildren to help us on our journey and to join us at Eastbury church’s open morning on Saturday 5th June 10.00 – 12.30 p.m. when we will have coffee and cake available to sustain you, and resources for all ages with at least four sites set aside from our routine mowing and gardening regime to choose from, please just bring along your own pens and pencils.

The idea is to count how many different botanical species there are and where, hence I have produced a rudimentary map also attached. The children may want to join in with this and/or catch flying bugs or ground dwellers, pop them into bug pots and use their magnifying glass to see them close up & record how many different species of mini bugs and where they found them. Also any birds, reptiles or mammals observed are also for recording. We will ask the adults to request the children consider the order their discoveries have in food chains to appreciate their interdependence and hence the value of the stewardship of gardening practices to support them.

Outline plan of the church yard

Here are some resources with more information: