Thoughts from The Vicarage 182

Thoughts from The Vicarage with the road to Emmaus, a Rally and a Safari Bus

Greetings on this beautiful sunny afternoon with signs of Spring defying the most variable weather conditions. While on leave there’ve been tadpoles wriggling away in ponds, lambs gambolling around their mothers like puppets on strings and some fabulous lapwings wheeling through the air. It really is quite exhilarating.

The celebration of Easter continues throughout the year but these 50 days following Easter are special – culminating in Pentecost. Please find Pews News attached.

This week Luke’s Gospel is one of my favourites. It tells of two men on the road walking away from Jerusalem, disillusioned and most likely bewildered, only a couple of days after the crucifixion. Hopes of their new-found Messiah have been dashed. Yet, as they walk away from Jerusalem a stranger falls in step with apparently no knowledge of recent events in Jerusalem … he appears unaware of tittle tattle about an empty tomb and then begins to accuse them of being so slow in understanding the scriptures and all that they say about Jesus … As Luke tells us ‘Beginning with Moses and all the prophets’ he explained to them what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself’. And most wonderfully, and only after they’ve walked for some while the men ask the unknown stranger to eat with them and as he breaks the bread, they fully recognise him as suddenly as he disappears.

The image I’ve used this week is one I came across a few years ago. It’s “Road to Emmaus” by Daniel Bonnell and comes from Sister Hildegard for Jamberoo Abbey in Australia. She used Daniel’s artwork to reflect, and her full Lectio Notes can be found here:

In other news Bishop Olivia along with others from our Diocese is joining a rally this weekend, 21st – 24th April 2023 in Parliament Square calling for action from the Government, and those in authority, to protect the environment and to tackle the growing climate crisis. They will be joining others from Christian Climate Action (CCA).

In preparation for this prophetic action, Christians are invited to pray for the earth, for the action and for the wellbeing of all peoples. Attached to Thoughts today is a collection of prayers which you may like to use during this weekend. They’ve been complied by members of CCA who are coordinating a series of acts of prayer, worship, and pilgrimage during the weekend.

Thinking of being stewards of God’s creation reminds me that nearer home the following weekend April 28th – May 1st a Lambourn Valley Green weekend will take place with a bus safari, films in All Saints and St Michael & All Angels, along with a bat walk, a repair shop and a variety of visits from Lambourn through to East Garston – do watch out for the posters and join in! Hopefully, we will be able to exchange news of our various hedgehog sightings and other such good news!

Finally, very much looking forward to welcoming you as we worship and learn more of the Emmaus Road on Sunday.

With every blessing for a joyful weekend when it comes!


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