Thoughts from The Vicarage 197

Thoughts from The Vicarage with thanks, a date and a prayer!

Greetings on a rather wet and blustery Friday morning!

Please find attached the Pews News for this coming Sunday August 20th and the week ahead. We are especially looking forward to the baptism of Millie on Sunday as we welcome her along with her parents, God parents, family and friends!

Many thanks to Christine for leading services while we were on leave and for taking the helm in the Benefice.

Please remember to let me know of any prayer requests so they may be added to both Sunday services and to the offices of Morning Prayer when all are held in prayer.

All are welcome to join in Morning Prayer – in person at 8.30 am in St Michael’s or via Zoom from your own home. Do be in touch if you have a query or would like to know more about Morning Prayer or the other Daily Offices.

November 29th at 6.30pm is an important date coming up in the life of the Valley when Bishop Olivia will be leading a confirmation service in St Michael & All Angels. If you would like to know more about either confirmation or baptism, if you have ever pondered or wondered about it – please do be in touch for a chat.

Looking forward to welcoming you on Sunday when the readings remind us that Christians are egalitarians when it comes to the inclusive love of God. We are all equidistant from the heart of God.

And finally, a prayer that Bill, a friend of mine shared this morning. It was inspired by the reading from Mark’s gospel this morning which spoke of the minute size of the mustard seed set against its potential.

I wonder is there something I may do in the coming week to shine the light of God’s love more widely?

Encourage us, Lord,
to shine the light
of your love
widely, joyfully,
and liberally;

give us faith
to sow the seeds
of your kingdom

and trust in you
for their growth,
that we may rejoice
in its abundance,

in the home you make
for all people. Amen

God bless

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