Thoughts from the Vicarage 20

Good morning Friends

Belinda church mouse has been out and about …

and found there’s a lot going on in the Valley – she even sneaked into a local home & found a beautiful Easter garden, there’re people playing instruments outside for others to enjoy, people spotting wild garlic so others can make pesto with it, and she says that she’s been out in the fields and woods seeing beautiful sites like these bluebells. She’s anxious that her international cheese supplies are running down! She’s really concerned to hear that people can’t go on holiday at the moment and says it must be hard to look forward and then not be able to go. Actually I think she’s more worried about it because she needs more international cheese … Talking of holidays reminds me it’s school holidays!!! I’m sharing a super resource from my friend and you might like to share it with. It even has a treasure hunt for you to make at home. You print out or copy the clues onto pieces of paper, put them in the right places and you are ready for a treasure hunt at home! It is up to you how well you hide the clue at each of the places mentioned!

Teresa of Avila’s prayer …

sparked interest yesterday. You remember the one that goes ‘Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks compassion on this world… . and I was sent a copy of The Beatitudes for the pandemic. They speak so simply yet so profoundly of so much that we have to be thankful for. You could use it as a basis for praying.

Becoming the hands and feet of Christ …

is a life time’s work but having received the love of God and being so loved by God we are compelled to share that love with others, to live lives which are reflections of the love God has for the world. Of course that reflection will only ever be partial, inadequate, incomplete but it is at the heart of what it is to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus. Let’s reflect upon our ‘becoming’ more Christ like at this time. It doesn’t necessarily mean action as in doing … have a think and pray about this thought.

Thinking of prayer …

Just to say what a joy it is to pray with you all either at Morning Prayer or at Compline. A really well produced and helpful booklet arrived yesterday with my Church Times and I have attached a copy today.

Pilgrim Easter is also available

Featuring our very own Bishop Steven,it offers 40 reflections finishing on Ascension Day (21 May 2020). If you’d like it as a daily app go here:

  • It includes new content for 2020:
  • Short reflections relating each line of the Lord’s Prayer to the COVID-19 pandemic and the dramatic changes it has brought about,
  • A daily family challenge to help you share the Easter Pilgrim journey with children at home,
  • A ‘sharing together’ outline to help you use the material with small groups over the phone or internet,

Each day offers:

  • • A short Bible reading that explores part of the Lord’s Prayer and what it tells us about the Christian vision for human life,
  • An invitation to reflect on the reading,
  • A prompt to pause and consider what this might mean for you, your life and your discipleship,
  • A suggestion of how to pray, full audio for each day’s entry, with a daily hymn.

A suggestion of how to pray, full audio for each day’s entry, with a daily hymn.

Apologies for the small photo yesterday …

of The Junction information. It is below. If you have any queries please just ask me. It is an excellent venture, the hands and feet of Christ are at work, do ask if you would like to find out more.

And finally …

remember to take a look at today’s Station of The Resurrection – Luke 24.28-35 The Road to Emmaus.

Have to leave quickly today – Belinda needs help at The Junction and is calling me …

With prayerful best wishes and God bless


Lambourn Junction – Villagers Helping Each Other

  • The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected us all in ways that none of us could predict or prepare for. If you’re wondering how you can best help those in your village, please consider donating to the Lambourn Junction – we need the following:
  • Household bags (Cleaning Products)
  • Feminine Bags (Sanitary Products)
  • Baby Bags (Baby Products)
  • Toiletries Bags
  • Food Bags
    Details of items needed in each bag can be found on the Lambourn Community Facebook page, or in shops throughout the village.

Please drop off donations at the Memorial Hall, Lambourn between 11am and 1pm, Mon-Sat.
Please contact Anna on 07799 652728

Thank you.


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