Thoughts from the Vicarage 155

Greetings on this beautiful blue-sky morning,

Just a short missive today along with Pews News attached. Unfortunately, I have once again been floored by Covid (3rd time) despite all the vaccines possible. . . Please do take care as cases appear to be rising in the Valley.

Firstly, many thanks to Venerable Christine Allsopp who will be leading Sunday morning services and has been available this week and will be conducting Pete Standen’s funeral in St Michael’s tomorrow, Friday.

The Harvest thanksgiving in Eastbury on Sunday afternoon will now be lay led with the proceeds from the sale of produce going to The Friends of The Children of Tanzania, a charity which educates, feeds, clothes and cares for orphans.

Secondly, apologies if I misled people into thinking I was quoting from Village Views last week. The quotes were from kind respondents of my Thoughts.

Finally, please bear with me as I catch up on emails once I am more upright, and free from the clutches of covid with a negative test. Praying that I will be back in Parish next week, meanwhile,

God bless


Revd Julie Mintern

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