Thoughts from the Vicarage 169

Thoughts from The Vicarage with snowdrops and infirmities

Greetings on this beautiful blue sky, if somewhat chilly day!

This week is the 3rd Sunday of Epiphany with services in East Garston (9am) and Lambourn (10.30). All are welcome!

It was super to welcome a good number at the Book of Common Prayer service in St Michael & All Angels Lambourn last Sunday with the beautifully familiar and prayerful language of the BCP. To that end, please indulge me as I have used this week’s BCP collect in Pews News – seems just right this week as many are experiencing infirmities and dangers at this time – along with all the necessities of course! If you are in the former category, please be assured of our thoughts and prayers. And should you so wish simply ask for prayer. As a priest it is a joy to pray for you and yours either publicly or in my private prayers during the day.

Just in case you missed last week’s sermon … in a nutshell, it was a simple story at heart all about seeing Jesus and allowing that knowledge, that seeing and being seen to change everything. What are you looking for? Jesus says Come and see. If you’d like to know more or are thinking about that answer; come and see please do simply let me know. If you’d like to explore a little more privately try this link

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, meanwhile a final prayer and thought … Loving Lord Jesus, we thank you that you see us. We thank you that you know us and love us. Help us to see you too, to know you and to love you, Lamb of God, Son of God, the one on whom the Spirit dwells. Amen

And I wonder if you’ve noticed the snowdrops emerging locally, despite the freezing conditions? Take courage from them should you be suffering an infirmity in body, mind or spirit. As one of the first flowers of spring, they symbolise new beginnings, hope, rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges …  with that in mind,

God bless


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