Thoughts from The Vicarage 199

Thoughts from The Vicarage with September just round the corner

Greetings on this, the last day of August,

As we move into September, I’m aware of what has been and what is to come, most likely due to much of my life being spent in education and so see September as the New Year!

Hopefully we’ve enjoyed some time away from normal routines – having days out or even a holiday away. We can look back at the photographs and recall the memories of those times spent exploring new places or meeting up with friends and family. Then in the blink of an eye we are back to the normal routines of getting back to work or coping with the school run. And of course, there is the whole business of getting everything ready for a new school year!

It can be a tough time for everyone at the beginning of the new school year. Once again, we’re holding a blessing of school bags, work bags, nappy bags and handbags at the start of this new school year. All are welcome to come along and join in ! The dates for each church are in Pews News.
Everyone will receive a small holding cross which they may either keep in their bag or in a pocket. We’ll pray that the pocket crosses, carried in the bags, will remind us all of God’s great love and that those receiving them would know that God was with them in both the fun moments and in the more challenging times.

Thank you to all those who have been asking after Mr Vicarage and have held him in prayer. He is recovering from his operation yesterday. All went well and he has been provided with more metal in his knee, screws this time to keep him going along with a leg brace to keep his leg in position.

Finally, thinking of all those who are in need at this time either in or out of hospital or being cared for in community,

Almighty God, you search us and know us: may we rely on you in strength and rest on you in weakness, now and in all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless


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