Thoughts from the Vicarage 42

Good afternoon friends of the Valley

Psalm 122:1 I was glad …

when they said unto me, we will go into the house of the Lord. And it felt totally joyful on the stroke of 10 as we bowed our heads outside All Saints this morning. We prayed for the village giving thanks for all that is good, remembered those unwell and those no longer with us. Finally, we prayed a blessing upon all those who would be entering the sanctuary for quiet prayer and for those who would be waiting a little longer before entering into the house of the Lord.

It’s hoped to open St James the Greater for private prayer this Saturday and St Michael’s on Monday. We will keep you informed. In each of our Valley churches all are welcome, those of all faiths or none. We are all at different waypoints in terms of going out and about so please do as you would wish. If you are shielding or are vulnerable for some other reason (e.g. underlying health conditions), government guidance is that you should not come to church at this time but I leave this up to you.

I am also very conscious of the fact that for some, the opening for private prayer will be a great consolation whilst for others it will cause concern because of self-isolation. I know you will be wise in deciding whether to visit for prayer. If, for any reason, you would prefer not to visit but would like your prayer taken into church, please either send it to me or ring me and I’ll take it for you.

The Vicar will be on tour next week as follows …

  • Monday June 22nd All Saints East Garston 2.30 – 3.30
  • Tuesday June 23rd St James The Greater Eastbury 2.30 – 3.30
  • Wednesday June 24th St Michael & All Angels 2.30 – 3.30

Christine and I will continue to make ourselves as available as possible for conversation, spiritual counsel or simply a listening ear.

Beautiful wild flowers …

If, like many of us you are enjoying the out of doors and would love to identify more of the beautiful wild flowers do take a look at today’s attachment. I’m going to share it with our grandchildren and hopefully leave some copies on The Vicarage Gate – when the much needed rain ceases!


The rota for enabling opening at St James the Greater Eastbury still has a few spaces, please contact Paul Reynolds 01488 71001 or Fiona Drake 01488 71083 if you are able to help out so the church may be open daily.

Please also remember that Amanda is organising a socially distanced cleaning team in St Michael’s on Saturday 20th. If you would like to help please contact her directly on 01488 670083 for further details and if you’d like to find out more about what will be involved.

And a prayer as we re-open the churches of the Valley

Let us pray for God’s blessing on the churches of the Valley. God of all, it is part of your divine purpose that we learn to live in families and communities. Continue to teach us how to care for and support each other. Bless these churches which are a symbol of our community life. Guide those with direct responsibility and enable everyone to enjoy their benefits. Protect and guide us by your presence, strengthen our bonds of community in and through the love of Jesus Christ our lord. Amen

God bless,


Click here for summer flowers