Thoughts from the Vicarage 50

Good afternoon dear friends,

And what a joy it is to see the sun shining once again, not to mention the return of many stall holders to the market in Lambourn. It was a joy to see people out and about, physically distanced on Friday morning. My shopping took rather longer than usual as the major topic of conversation concerned the resuming of church services. Thank you for those of you who have been in contact since it was announced and please be assured of our prayers if you are not able to come along tomorrow.

We are excited about …

Having worship back in our churches from tomorrow when we will gather around the altar with hands held out to receive the body of Christ. But please rest assured our thrill is tempered by remembering those amongst us who will not be able to return. You will be with us in spirit, in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Belinda churchmouse



As you may imagine, Belinda has been ridiculously over excited and I’ve had to remind her that whilst the prospect of being together in worship once again is exceedingly exciting, albeit not quite the same as we are used to, we all need to remember the changes that will be in place. In fact, I packed her off this afternoon with the frequently asked questions to read after her nap.

Knowing I was busy she took herself off to the purveyor of cheese and look what I found. Caught in the act, cheese to hand, or is it mouth with not only the FAQ sheet but also my Vicar on Tour Holy Communion order of service.

Mouse on Tour

It’s rather looking like Belinda churchmouse is very keen to be Mouse on Tour this week – of course she is clamouring to get back to exploring up and down the Valley. I’ve explained that it will be the same as before but with a short service of mid-week Eucharist which will take place as part of the Vicar on Tour pattern for those who’d prefer it.

  • Monday July 13th East Garston
  • Tuesday July 14th Eastbury
  • Wednesday July 15th Lambourn

This will be followed by the usual ‘social’, physically distanced time. The Sacrament will also be available should those shielding wish to avail themselves at home – back garden communion. In this way all those who wish to, will have the opportunity to participate in prayer, Eucharist and fellowship. Please ask if you’d like to receive the sacrament in your garden.

As a footnote – it may be wise to keep your cheese locked up and check your gleanings before we arrive at 2.30pm each day.

In other news

Lambourn CE Primary school is saying ‘Farewell to Year 6′ in a virtual Leavers’ Service because they aren’t able to come to church for the usual service. I am very much looking forward to seeing them all along with staff and parents on Wednesday morning. Do please remember them as they leave for pastures new. Having said that we will be seeing you around the villages.

Do enjoy the Summer break, whatever you are doing, stay safe and take care of yourselves. It’s been a total joy getting to know you all, I’ve loved listening to you as you’ve joined in thinking about some of the big questions of life, death, meaning and truth. The stop press news is that each one of you will receive a small gift to take with you. Hopefully it will remind you of the times you’ve been in church, especially with Venerable Christine and her stories. Hopefully it will also support you in the tough times and in the times of joy as you move onto your secondary schools.

Please do feel free to be in contact with us if you’d like to talk through some of your thoughts, your feelings, your anxieties or indeed your joy!

… a thought

as we journey on together.
It has been a challenging and yet strangely hopeful time over the last few months. It will be so good to be back in Church. In time we will be able to baptise, to conduct marriages, to remember those who have died and commend them to God as we meet again in person.

Finally, prayers…

Please make them your own and as I pray for you please pray for one another as we return to worship.
Lord Jesus Christ when fear and anxiety besiege us and hope is veiled in grief, hold us in your wounded hands and make your face shine on us again, for you are our Lord and God. Amen
Faithful Lord, whose steadfast love never ceases and whose mercies never come to an end: grant us the grace to trust you and to receive the gifts of your love, new every morning, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
With warmest wishes


Lambourn Valley Benefice Prayer List July 5th