Thoughts from the Vicarage 51

Good afternoon friends of The Lambourn Valley on this beautiful day, sun shining once again on the market stalls in Lambourn.

As an early bird catches the worm I leave the Vicarage around 7.15 on Fridays for the weekly, Co-op, butchers and market shop. It is very heart-warming to greet people (appropriately physically distanced of course) who one hasn’t seen since lockdown. Hearing the stories of lockdown and how people have been trying to manage has been encouraging and it really has been a pleasure to see those who are just beginning to be a bit more out and about. Have you noticed how all the children have grown! That reminds me of

News from school … The Leavers’ Service

Today is the end of term for Lambourn CE Primary school. We wish all the children and the staff a really well deserved break. Sadly, The Leavers’ Service couldn’t be held in church this year so nothing ventured nothing gained and we held a virtual service for the Year 6 leavers! I zoomed in from the Vicarage dining room with all my ‘props ready!

It was an amazing event despite a few connectivity problems at the beginning which left me being a mix of a children’s entertainer and a chat show host, whilst all the time maintaining a calm, assuring presence that all would be fine! Mercifully all was fine with all the Year 6 children having to move into the school hall to watch the ‘Big’ screen! So there I was in the Vicarage dining room with a few parents, shielding families on screen sharing the service and Year 6 in the hall. It was wonderful and the morning culminated in a socially distanced picnic in the school grounds! God bless as you journey on Year 6.

Year 6 leavers …

each received a holding cross, a candle and a book mark as mementos to support and uphold them as they move onto their secondary schools in these unusual times. They will be in our thoughts and prayers as will their families.

In other news …

The Head Vicarage gardener is hard at work and there has been some harvesting. Everything is bursting with new life. Cucumbers are entwined in the green house, broad beans are growing as are the apples not to mention the appearance of a baby hedgehog who visits us every night – on the dot at 10.10pm

And here is the most recent addition to our Vicarage garden! Isn’t it a gorgeous sight. Any ideas for a name and no, we haven’t sexed it! They all seem quite happy to come right up to the house and are not put off by the security lights. Sights like this have been and continue to be such a blessing during these times.

Rather like the bird sightings at our feeders … I think we are up to blackbird, sparrow, dunnock, great tit, blue tit, green finch, bull finch, gold finch and even a woodpecker. Not to mention the ubiquitous pigeons (shooed gently away) and we’ve had cheeky jackdaws trying, without much joy to cling onto the peanuts!

Lockdown Riding and Striding . . ? Why not try joining Ride+Stride on September 12th. I’ve attached a poster for your information. It’s a nationwide church-crawl where you can visit as many (or as few) churches on the day between 10am and 6pm as you can. You can walk, run, cycle, ride or drive, following your own route and enjoy visiting some of our county’s fabulous churches. It’s in aid of the Berks Historic Churches Aid Trust and is a fabulous day out. You are asked for sponsorship or donations – half of which will be returned to your church!

Worship on Sunday …

All are welcome at any of the following. The 11 o’clock service in Lambourn is one at which families with children are especially welcome. Celebrate the end of term and come and join in! We’ve missed seeing you at school!

  • Lambourn St Michael’s Holy Communion BCP 8.00
  • Eastbury Family Communion 9.30
  • Lambourn All Together Eucharist 11.00

The resumption of worship has so far been a most wonderful experience as we once again gather as the Body of Christ. ‘There was such a sense of joy and togetherness. It was really wonderful to be back worshipping as a church family. Thank you for organising it, and for all the vision and hard work you put into it’ wrote a friend who worshipped in church last Sunday. Thank you indeed to all those wardens and volunteers who are supporting worship in very practical ways.

For those who would prefer to remain at home or who are shielding the Church at Home from Oxford Diocese will be continuing and as usual Paul Tame will send out the links along with the Zoom codes for Morning Prayer daily at 8.30 am, Compline daily at 8.30pm and coffee on Sunday. Do remember you can dial into these events and join in via a telephone if you are not a Zoomer. At present we have one person, Betty who does so and she thoroughly joining in prayer. If you’d like help please ring Keith or Betty who would be only too happy to help.

Mid-week Eucharist and back garden communion

The short services of mid-week Eucharist took place as part of the Vicar on Tour pattern and were well attended. If you’d prefer to come along to an outdoors Eucharist you will be very welcome. (weather permitting):

  • Monday July 13th East Garston
  • Tuesday July 14th Eastbury
  • Wednesday July 15th Lambourn

This will be followed by the usual ‘social’, physically distanced time. The Sacrament will also be available should those shielding wish to avail themselves at home – back garden communion. In this way all those who wish to, will have the opportunity to participate in prayer, Eucharist and fellowship. Please ask if you’d like to receive the sacrament in your garden.

The Lambourn Chimers …

Have you noticed some of the creativity that has being going on throughout these last few weeks? None more so as in the Vicarage garden as I write. As you may well be able to imagine Zooming a hand bell practice is quite a challenge … Undeterred the Lambourn Chimers organised, with permission from The Vicarage Gardener to practice as you will see …

Finally, please do read the beautiful prayer ideas I have attached today whether you visit a church or not. I hope that you will find them useful. (courtesy of Exeter Diocese)

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, stay safe and do send any of your own news thoughts and reflections to myself and Belinda church mouse – she’s scampered away today … something to do with noise in the garden. She’ll appear as I am summoned to make tea … oh and cake!

God bless