Thoughts from the Vicarage 35

Good morning on this windy day – excellent for drying but not so good for erecting a greenhouse!

Talking of being out in the garden, day by day I am noticing more and more signs of resurrection and new births as plants bud and flower. Just outside my window there are birds singing, feeding their fledglings, butterflies flitting and trees swaying while clouds scurry across a mostly contrail free sky. There are many reports that, with the reduction in road and rail traffic, nature is being renewed. We live in a time of tragedy and fear as did the first disciples but thanks be to God, the seasons of Easter and Ascensiontide remind us of hope of renewal.

Like many others I trust that it is also a sign of hope and renewal for our, at times unjust world as well as the earth.

And what about these beauties, Alliums (Allia?) resplendent in my favourite colour adorning the Vicarage front garden presently. We are receiving surprises as it’s the first Spring time we’ve been here. And of course Goerge Bodman’s yellow roses are just beginning to come into flower – very pleased that they survived my pruning!




Talking of which I am hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on this specimen discovered on an old tree stump in the shade at the bottom of the garden.

Whatever it is I am fascinated to find out more – at present there are a number of friends, from all walks of life, from all over the world trying to discover what it may be! Answers on an email please!

The Today Programme confirms what we all sense in our souls …

The Wildlife Trust spokesman was talking about Mental Health Awareness Week and confirmed that following research it is proven that nature is a great therapist. Spending time in nature can improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote calm and mindfulness. So I’m taking some time this weekend to be outside, listen to the bird song, feel the breeze on my face and smell the scent of wild flowers in the air. The power of nature to soothe is a gift indeed. As one sufferer wrote; “Things of marvel and wonder, provided by nature, became my therapists, my listening ears, my witnesses as I began to slowly build myself back up.”

In fact I will be out and about as vicar on Tour again next week … with chairs and cushions, socially distanced … So if you’d like to come along for a chat, to share a thought or prayer I’d love to see you! All welcome! No Monday as it’s Bank Holiday.

  • East Garston Tuesday May 26th 2.30 – 3.30
  • Eastbury Tuesday May 26th 3.30 – 4.30
  • Lambourn Wednesday May 27th 2.30 – 3.30

From our Correspondents … at the close of Mental Health Awareness Week

A thought for 21st May from a treasured book

Lord Jesus, I feel lonely. Most of what I valued is gone. Loss seems to surround me like a great wide ocean, leaving me cut off on an island, quite alone. Loss on all sides, loss in every direction. All I can hear are the echoes of familiar voices and laughter from the past. The memories of all the things I wanted to do, places I wanted to visit, people I wanted to meet, merely mock me now that I am stranded here in this desolate place.

You must have been lonely so often, because the people you loved best always seemed to misunderstand what you said and did.

So, because you understand, will you come into my loneliness and share it with me? Then, because I know I am not alone after all, please give me the courage to stop excluding other people. They could be the very ones you might be sending to me, friends who are willing to be your arms to comfort me. Lord, please help me.

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

A Poem written in Lockdown

Take my hand,
feel my breath
today is hard, a mini-death.
I understand the fear, the pain,
you’re not alone,
I am the same.

Flesh and bone,
reflect sky and sea,
blind to the horizon’s mystery.

So bang your drum,
rage out loud,
weep like an angel
and then be proud
as a gentle smile kisses your face
you know you’re a card carrying member
the human race

Suzanne J. Cairns

Just wondering if we have other poets in our midst – please do share along with any other thoughts, especially regarding my Zombie pupae ! It’s even made Belinda church mouse scamper off.
Trusting you are well, if you need a hand please do be in touch. Meanwhile, I hope that the Bank Holiday will be kind to you and pray that God will guard you, keep you safe, and inspire you today, tomorrow and always.


Lambourn Valley Benefice Prayer List May 24th

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