Thoughts from the Vicarage 57

Dear friends

Belinda here, back from the windswept beaches of North Norfolk where crabs are aplenty, horizons are huge and where there are plenty of exciting footpaths and places to explore. Talking of which children appeared in the Vicarage as well – they spent quite a bit of time running around in the back garden with a large spherical object aimed into a rectangular netting type of object – I had to hide as it whizzed around and goodness knows what the hedgehog family thought of it as they tried to sleep … We all went on a an ‘expetiton’ to explore a white horse – my little legs had to hold on tight as it was a very windy hill!

Brilliant to be back

It’s brilliant to be back along with Belinda and to hear what’s been going on in our absence. I am really excited this week as I was able to visit the children who have gone back to Lambourn Church of England Primary school after so many months away.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for the school. They have been much appreciated especially by the new Headteacher, Mrs Rachel Perkins – pictured here. Rachel and I went round all the Junior, Key Stage 2 classrooms to say hello. There were many smiles and lots of sharing as we popped our heads around the doors, met the teachers and assistants. The children seemed really happy to be back in class with their friends. The new Year 3s had been writing acrostic poems on the word light and read some of them to us … suffice to say that they bought tears to the eyes of Mrs Perkins and myself.

The new mission statement at school is going to be focussed on Jesus as the light of the world. As I shared with the children … listening to their poems on Light felt like a gift that they had given me! Money simply couldn’t have bought what they gave Mrs Perkins and I on Friday morning.

Ride+Stride – next Saturday

September 12th is Ride+Stride – next Saturday! It’s a church-crawl where you can visit as many (or as few) churches on the day between 10am and 6pm as you can. You can walk, run, cycle, ride or drive, following your own route and enjoy visiting some of our county’s fabulous churches. You can use the sponsorship form attached. All 3 of our Valley churches will be open and you will be welcome! Ann Crone and Rosemary Basden have been hard in training and we hope that many others will join in on the day. Please do take photos and share how you get on – even if you only visit one church and are able to make a donation – it will be much appreciated!

Eastbury St James Gift Day

is on Saturday as well – why don’t you make a day of it? There will be a produce stall including cakes, and many other goodies, including Vicarage apple juice for sale. Belinda and myself will be there to greet you and receive your gifts for the church which this year, will be more than ever gratefully received. DO remember to Gift Aid whatever you are able to give and the government will help us out as well!

The Vicar on Tour

The Vicar will be on Tour on Monday to East Garston from 2.30 – 3.30, Tuesday to Eastbury from 3.45 – 4.45 (please note time change due to prior appointment) and looks forward to seeing you – all are welcome. We begin with a short service of Holy Communion – lasting 15 minutes and then enjoy a time of conversation.

Morning Prayer and Compline

Morning Prayer and Compline continue daily, except Sunday morning. Morning Prayer is daily at 8.30 am, Compline daily at 8.30pm.

The Daily Prayer liturgy can be found at this link

We use the Contemporary Versions from the web page or the iPhone/iPad app that can be downloaded. Click to Join Zoom Prayer Meeting.  Do remember you can dial into these events and join in via a telephone if you are not a Zoomer. Please telephone Mr Vicarage aka the Vicarage gardener for support.

These communities of prayer are a joy and an inspiration to us all. We have welcomed newcomers and friends from afar over the months since lockdown. As a Priest I pray the office of Morning Prayer daily – in church and it was always a delight when others joined me. With going on line via Zoom because of lockdown many more are joining in as we pray for the church and the world, thanking God for His goodness. As you will see from the Sunday sheet attached we pray for the Parishes of the Lambourn Valley and for those who request prayer. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like prayer for yourself or someone else.

During August we prayed for Tilly (from Lambourn) and Dan married on August 8th in St Michael’s. Belinda managed to take a super photo for us to share 😉. Here they are as they left the church through the splendid West Door into the sunshine as Mr & Mrs Drummond! It was a joyful and spirited occasion even in the midst of these strange and unpredictable times! God bless you both now and always.


With prayerful best wishes