Thoughts from the Vicarage 68

Dear Friends of the Valley

Thought for The Day

Thought for The Day in the last Thoughts, inspired by Sam Wells we thought about how we were going to spend this lock down. Thank you to those who have been in touch and do keep your ideas coming! We’ve come up with One Thing each day so … here goes with a variety of One Things !

One thing to give thanks for

One thing to give thanks for this week were the Acts of Remembrance in the Valley last week. Thank you to all those who helped in any way and to those who attended with such dignity, respect and such care with social distancing. Thanks to all those who contributed with displays of poppies both large and small. Poignant was the word used by so many people this week – thank you. And on a personal note it made me feel immensely proud of being part of this Valley community.

One thing to download

One thing to download… if you weren’t able to come along to the Act of Remembrance do read Liz Beard’s article where you will also find more photos.

Remembrance Day 2020

The poppies on the St Michael’s railings have been taken down – thanks to Mums, Dads and children coming home from school on Thursday. Never fear, they will be stored safely ready for next year. Watch this space for the next railing project and please don’t put away your knitting needles and crochet hooks! (photo @ Keith Mintern)

One thing to read

One thing to read through and pray through… remember the call to prayer from Archbishops Justin and Stephen. They’ve suggested 6pm each day – but if you can’t do it then chose another daily time and commit to it. There is a leaflet to help and copies are available in church but, not on The Vicarage Gate due to the amount of rain we’ve had this week.

One thing to Join in with

One thing to Join in with … Come along to coffee via Zoom on Sunday from 11.10 on Sunday and try sharing your one thing!

One thing to make you smile

One thing to make you smile … and think … earlier this week a couple, blessed with children and eleven happy years together shared their wish to get married in church. Now, you may say, isn’t that fairly normal for a Vicar? Yes indeed! But what made me think was what came next … “If 2020 has shown us one thing, it’s shown us what’s important … and that’s family and our love for one another… “ Was never a truer word spoken… .

One thing I’ve really enjoyed

One thing I’ve really enjoyed this week has been reading the blog of a friend of mine who is sharing resources and writing about the Rule of Saint Augustine – Nourished by Our Roots. The rule was followed by the Canons of our Cathedral in Oxford from the early 12th century. I hope it will be a way of feeding deeply from the roots of our history. If you would like to join me here is the link again – and we are now onto day eight but don’t worry you can catch up!

Sunday Worship

While the present restrictions mean we can’t hold public worship do join in elsewhere! Church at Home from Oxford Diocese at 10 o’clock this Sunday. The link is Alternatively you may care to travel anywhere ! And for those who asked here is the link to St Paul’s Wokingham

The 2nd Sunday Before Advent

The services this week are for The 2nd Sunday Before Advent This Sunday takes its name from what is ahead. So this Sunday is not so much about looking back over the last fifty weeks, it’s about orientating ourselves to the two weeks ahead of us and the new season beyond which is Advent.

And finally … quite a few things!

Prayerful best wishes


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