Thoughts from the Vicarage 69

Dear Friends of the Valley

Sunday Worship for Christ The King

Sunday Worship services this week are for Christ The King – or in some places Stir Up Sunday! This is the last Sunday of the church year. Were we in church our focus would be on celebrating and remembering that Christ is King. He holds absolutely everything, including us, in his hands. “Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all.” said, Arthur Balfour, British Prime Minister at the beginning of the 20th century. The truth that Christ is King is one of those few things that do matter: it gives us hope, not just for us but for the whole universe.

Whatever has been, and whatever is to come, Christ will continue to be king and will continue to hold us, and to lead us safely through the rest of our lives.

In light of this, take some time to ponder what are the few things that truly matter in your life, and pray for the grace to hold those things close as we end this church year and travel together into a new one – which begins with the first Sunday of Advent on November 30th!

The Diocesan church at home may be found here:

St Paul’s Wokingham may be found here:

Looking ahead to Advent there are going to be a number of things coming up all related to Angels who, as we know are bringers of good news and share tidings of comfort and joy.

One thing to Join in with

… is knitting, crocheting or felt making angels for our church railings and entrances. A pattern is attached for you to use but please feel free to use your own! PS Angels come in all colours … We pray that they will bring joy, hope and peace to all!

In order to spread the good news even when we may not be able to gather like we have in previous years why not put an Angel poster up in your window?

One thing to prepare

… this week is an Advent Wreath. In churches all over the world, the Advent Wreath is made with four candles around a single one in the centre and decorated with evergreen leaves. One candle is lit on each Sunday of Advent, starting this year on the 29th November. Each Sunday, one more candle is lit, until finally the white candle in the centre is lit on Christmas Day. Each candle has a different meaning …

  • Advent 1 -The Patriarchs
  • Advent 2 – The Prophets
  • Advent 3 – John the Baptist
  • Advent 4 – The Virgin Mary
  • Christmas Day – Jesus

Alternatively you may like to use the attached Celtic Advent Wreath. Colour it in and then use it for prayer at home each week. Download it here:

One thing to celebrate

… Lambourn CE Primary school will, as long as restrictions allow, be coming down to St Michael’s, class by class to celebrate Christmas. Each child will have an angel with a message which they will decorate and then hang on the Christmas tree. These will also be available to all those who would like to add their own!

And finally – one thing to read

If you would like to share in the Advent journey with me you are welcome to join in a weekly get together on Wednesday mornings, probably via Zoom. We will be using a small very readable booklet Journeying Through Advent Copies are available for those who would like to join in. Please let me know if you’re interested. Also, if you think you’d like a daily read with reflection but can’t join in please simply ask for a copy.


With best wishes for Sunday and the week ahead