Thoughts from the Vicarage 21

Good morning Friends

Belinda church mouse has been out and about …

and today has news from Eastbury where there has been a drone flight capturing everyone celebrating the NHS – a sort of drone clap for NHS! It flew over the river filming the middle part of the village and this is the result What fun and in such a good cause as well!

Belinda then took a phone call from an Eastbury lady who has happy hour! As you may imagine, Belinda looked very excited at this … It transpires that this lady is happy to chat and be contacted from 4-5pm every day so if you are feeling lonely do let me know and I’ll pass you her number.

I’ve also heard that people would like to continue contributing to the foodbank – The Junction in Lambourn but of course with the church being closed this makes it difficult. Should you have something you’d like to contribute please either let me know and I’ll collect it or alternatively drop it into the Memorial Hall in Lambourn between 11 and I pm every day except Sunday. That would be much appreciated.

Thank you to John for brightening up this rather rainy day with celandines – I believe there is a carpet of them on the road out of Lambourn.

Thinking of prayer …

on Wednesday I wrote to say what a joy it is praying together either at Morning Prayer or at Compline using Zoom. Starting the day in prayer is an ancient Christian tradition which people have always found to be a firm foundation for the day.

It roots us in God and strengthens us for all that lies ahead. It lasts about 20 minutes at the most and then there is some social time for those who wish to stay and chat. It includes readings prayers and canticles.

I realise that this leaves some people unable to join in – do ring and ask the Vicarage technician aka Keith if you’d like help and he’ll talk you through it and do a dummy meeting with you.

I am attaching the shorter version of Morning Prayer and Night Prayer in the rather lovely blue booklet that I shared on Wednesday.

And don’t forget the Easter pilgrim reflections which are found here featuring our very own Bishop Steven. It offers 40 reflections finishing on Ascension Day (21 May 2020). If you’d like it as a daily app go here

And finally …

yesterday I wrote about becoming the hands and feet of Christ … and encouraged us to reflect upon our ‘becoming’ more Christ like at this Easter time.
It doesn’t necessarily mean action as in doing … have a think and pray about this thought. It is easy to believe in God’s forgiveness, mercy, love, and presence when I think I have it all under control. It is another thing when visible restrictions are placed on my life, as they are now. And then, it is clear to me: I was never in control – I had to let go and let God. One of our correspondents found this interesting thought and so I am leaving this here for you

And really finally …

I have further good news … unbeknown to our readers, Belinda and I have been experiencing a few computer troubles of our own. The Vicarage techie has been saying for some time that the whirring of the hard drive is not a ‘good thing’.

But, of course, it is never ever the best time to change your computer is it? And what happened? Things got worse … the noise was so great I couldn’t use the sound for zooming or Skype – but mercifully the Vicarage techie managed to procure a dazzling new computer for us. Belinda is thrilled although the moving from one to the other was a little stressful … to put it mildly, says Belinda.

But, thankfully ‘all is well and all shall be well’ and that is my prayer as we leave you for today, God bless


Prayer Book Digital 2 April

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